Let’s make a hot batch of  love, 

the main ingredient is the blessing from the man above.

Then we have to add ½ pound of tender kisses,

and a big cup of heavenly wishes.

 5 tablespoons of concern, and 6 tablespoons of consideration,

2 cups of encouragement and 3 cups of motivation.

 6 cups of loyalty mixed with 6 cups of trust,

be sure to add 6 cups of devotion, cause when you are making love, that is a must.

 1 pint of sweat and 2 pints of tears,

you can add 10 cups of that other stuff that I like to call years.

 3 quarts of tolerance and 4 cups of patience,

5 quarts of understanding because of the demand for what you are making.

 13 gallons of unconditional love must go into the mix,

add equal parts of flexibility, so your love wont get stiff.

 Add 3 cups of water for those rainy days,

to 6 cups of sunshine for when the rain goes away.

Some add 11 teaspoons of trials and tribulations, just enough to taste,

because when you don’t add that ingredient, it tends to taste a little fake.

Add 12 cups of passion, 12 cups of care

and 14 cups of loving-kindness to compliment all the years.

I like to add 10 cups of power, 10 cups of strength, and 14 cups of confidence to block out societies over-cooked nonsense.

Add 1 gallon of sincerity, gentleness, and peace,

put 2 gallons of honesty, 2 gallons of respect, so the trust will never cease.

Include 4 pounds of creativity so your love can stay fresh, and some faithfulness and some self-control, so your love wont be a mess.

Be sure to add some knowledge and some wisdom, you know, just for good sense, throw in some goodness and some joy with a dash a guidance.

Don’t forget the equality and freedom make each about 7 cups, and you can’t really be a love maker without adding any hugs.

You could put a handful of protection and some ambition too;

throw in some inspiration so all the ingredients can stick like glue.

Mix it all together, make sure you mix it well,

this is not a secret recipe, so be sure to show and tell.

Spread it out thick, get it all over your heart,

set your soul on high, and get your spirit ready to start.

Cook it for 24 hours, let it simmer for a while,

this meal will fill your stomach, it will carry you for miles.

So may this recipe fit into your life, like a hand fits a glove,

So that you too can call yourself a wonderful maker of love.

* This recipe includes the Fruits of the Spirit.

 Written By: DeShunda Brown 12/2007