What will become of this American Society if qualified, skilled, and educated individuals can not obtain viable work due to a criminal record?

One of the things that will happen is there will be an abundance of work available. However, there will be nobody to man those positions because society is scared to accept the fact the 1 in 20 people have criminal records. Juveniles are establishing criminal behaviors at a growing rate, and even though most juvenile criminal records are sealed, the practiced behavior can extend way beyond adolescence making them criminal adults. This is an aging economy and people are retiring. Who will replace those that retire if no one will hire someone with a criminal record even though they are qualified?  Who will be prepared for Congress, The House of Representatives, or the Presidency?  Will we be left to choose between actors and businessmen who decide they can run for a senate seat or presidency? This will beome a reality because depending the charge,  the disadvantage, the poor, and women, are not eligible for financial assistance in the form of Financial Aid, making it almost impossible to increase their educational level which leads to better decision, less drug use, and more marriages, all of which increases the Social Economic Status (SES) of individuals.  A grave mistake is being made. People are being punished after being punished, offenders are being trained in prison, only to be released and meet employment obstacles for a jobs they have been trained to do.