Millions of people will benefit from this new bill.  Please do not let the Romney masses convince you that it is a bad bill.  People need health insurance.  Diseases can spread from those who are not covered and can not go to the doctor for preventative care. People can actually die from curable illness due to the lack of health insurance.  Individuals who use the Emergency Room and their primary physician can actually get their own doctor.  Chronic illness can alleviated or managed. 

No one really likes change as much as they look for it, request it, and try to achieve it.  Give this bill a chance. We are moving in the right direction.  No new product or services is created without it being tweeked.  Any glitches will be worked out and people in American will much healthier.  Many of the people who oppose this bill are well off, insured, and healthy.  Speak for the uninsured, the ex female drug offender who can not get a pap smear, a mammogram, a regular cancer screening.  She gets to die from something that could have been treated or even cured. However, she has no health insurance so she runs the risk of getting extremely ill and being unable to take care of her family.  Get Real People…Stop Hating on Everything President Obama does, If you look back at the last few Presidents America had, you will see that they performed worst than any president in the history of America.  Let move on, and leave some hope, a future, and the earth for the next generation.